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Welcome To My Rude World

As I launched the podcast basically opening the doors of my life to the public, I was asked, what it means?

Before I answer the question, I want to let everyone know that this wasn't something I just woke up and decided to do. It took me about 7 years of rebuilding myself to get here. In that time I built a strong network and messed up some good relationships as well. We all have things we would do differently if we had the chance, but we here now. I hesitated hella times, but I finally committed to telling my story.

What's so special about me that I got a brand called Rude World and a podcast to talk about life? My story is no different than a lot of people. I was born, I lived, and let life alter my once unadulterated views on things. We all have a reason we do what we do and believe what we believe. It's all connected to our experiences, good or bad. I know I'm not perfect so I won't ever address y'all like I am, but this is just my account of why I'm moving this way.

So what does Rude World mean? I have been fortunate to travel across the world and have been reminded of how small I am in comparison. Even as a kid I knew I had a gift to do something major and I really locked in after I got tired of standing at club doors moving ropes and walking on eggshells to keep celebrity clients. Respectfully. I knew my experiences in being resilient, and leveling up when odds were stacked against me, would help the next person trying to figure out their next move. after many failed attempts to join with other established platforms, I ended up banking on myself to tell how I did it. Rude World is literally my approach to finding a way out of no way.

The globe on the avatar symbolizes the more I travel and meet people, the more I discover who I am, and that I have no limits except the ones I place on myself. It also means, by appreciating the natural elements around me I can tune out the bullsh*t around me. I envision a perfect world, and that means I have to do my part by being the best me. The muscular body shows my dedication to fitness, so it represents balance, discipline, and patience. I can't focus too much on the outward appearance and not take care of what's inside. I gotta have discipline to achieve and maintain mental and physical fitness. I had to be patient to realize that greatness takes time. You become great by learning from mistakes and applying the new knowledge

Like I said, I'm not perfect. I had the talent, like many of you do, but it takes you aligning your mind with the gift to produce results.

Strengthen your mind, Shape Your World.

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