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Thoughts as I float in the middle of the ocean...

I think we all have had times in our lives where we second guessed what we were doing at that moment. I spent a lot of my early adult years doing security, whether in my military duties or on my off time. While I would be standing in the elements, hot or cold, at a fixed post I would think about my discomfort and think past the current moment to a future I wanted. I bounced at clubs at night when I was available and would do my military job & training during the day and often at night.

Putting myself in uncomfortable situations seemed to always push me to learn new skills, and unknowingly learn more about my mental toughness. I went from immature kids bouncing at clubs looking forward to fighting to a multi faceted security professional who continues to look for new ways to enhance my skills and network with other professionals and mentor the newer guys.

I have a lot of growing to do professionally and personally, and I embrace the highs and lows as they present themselves. My mission with this blog and podcast is to highlight the experiences to give the reader and viewer a little motivation to keep them going on their journey and find their RUDE Awakening.

Keep Going!

- Rude

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