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Think Responsibly

People, do what you do and think what you think. I do. I also know that not everyone will agree and I can live with that just fine. Just a difference of opinion. Now if we can discuss our views in a productive manner and learn from each other's stance, that's even better. What I'm not gonna do is argue with a close minded fool, with no facts, and presume to think all that person's counterparts are the same way. That's what a lot of y'all do, and then generate a bias against a group of people as a whole, based on an encounter with that depiction you faced. This can be applied to race, political views, sexual orientation, religion, etc. We get so divided over shit that doesn't really matter in the end. As we are witnessing, the things that we think make us "what we are", can be stripped away at the stroke of a pen. Then you ask how did this happen. You're too busy bad mouthing that group for not agreeing with your views and vice versa. If we continue to stay divided, then it's only gonna continue. Then what are you going to fight over with your fellow man and woman, how you used to represent a demographic that divided itself into extinction. You people want to be recognized as different so much that you will separate yourself from the other PEOPLE who would understand and support you on a human level if anything else. Funny how that works. Influence the masses to think they're so different they can't coexist peacefully, then capitalize on their inability to unite. Divide and conquer at its finest, voluntary segregation if you ask me. You can't blame them for using their tactics, YOU'RE still responsible for being a decent person, and many of you failed.

- Signed a person thinking of people

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