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Wish From My 20's

A lot of people say "oh enjoy your 20's.. live it up.. in my day it was "YOLO ". Man if I had that time back to just incorporate a fraction of what I've learned now, I would be much further in life. Not saying I'm not grateful for what I have achieved, but a lot of the mistakes I made weren't mistakes. They were decisions made thinking that I had time to fix the imminent damage or that youth was a valid excuse to be reckless. As a young man in his 30's, the man I am now is deep down who I wanted to be my whole life. Being self aware, emotionally intelligent, honest, and minimalistic have proven to be much more rewarding than buying things, and engaging in risky behavior that made me feel worse than the situations I was trying to mask. I really think the youth of today are trying to outrun themselves and their intrusive thoughts because they don't have a clue of who they are, what they want, anyone to emulate or other personal reasons. The truth is choosing to be responsible for themselves is the best route to take in becoming the man they want to be. You can't help anyone else until you help yourself. A few things that helped me get in the right mental space to foster an environment to grow are creating a clutter free space, downsizing and having a functional wardrobe, sticking to a fitness routine, implementing better self care and grooming routines, and having meaningful and intentional conversations with people who are aligned with your new views. There is no blueprint to becoming the best you as we all are different, but the answers are there if you just seek them out. Be real with yourself and give yourself grace. There will be setbacks and not every day will feel like a win, but continuing to show up for yourself with your best effort will never be a loss.

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