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I recently did something that I said I would never do again. I quit. I quit trying to live a life that was straight forward. I had to understand the reason a lot of the ventures I attempted didn't work because I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. I'm not meant to be seen and not heard. I oftentimes would feel less important working in the protection industry, because I wasn't supposed to interact with the "important" people. Now don't get me wrong, I know how to kick back and observe and stay vigilant, but there is an unspoken, but widely known law of protectors, which is also a law of power. Never outshine the master. I used to think if I just kept my head down and just made the money and connections, someone would see me and invest in the passions I truly had. Truth is, no one gave a fuck. It wasn't their job to. They had their path secured and here I was securing them.

That way of thinking was absolutely wrong. I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was extremely blessed to be there. Coming from being a bouncer, constantly fighting with unruly patrons and keeping my head on a swivel, the scenery I was in was a big upgrade. I fell victim to trying to rush the process after seeing the lifestyle I was being exposed to. I started becoming ungrateful for the very thing I used to pray for. I started looking at the car I had and saying I need something better. Crazy right? It took me down a path to self destruction trying to find ways to make more money without doing the work required. I'm not talking about physical work, I mean the work within that would reveal the value I should add to justify my desire for more money. That work essentially took me over 2 years to figure out. I look forward to telling more about that journey as time goes on. Many times I would question if I had what it took to be that guy who had security and ran the businesses my clients did. Looking back, hell no I didn't. I had a lot to learn, and I'm glad I never looked at my client's fortunes with envious eyes. I am happy to have experienced the rooms I was in, and the people I was introduced to. Being that fly on the wall proved to be more profitable than any paycheck I got. Seeing high performers, and people executing their visions move around was like being in a movie premiere with all the actors who made it memorable for the viewers. I got all this value, just by walking in my purpose. This is just a small glimpse into what the security industry has shown me about the importance of resilience, confidence, and execution. I have refined my skills and learned how to employ them with a level of efficiency that seems unfair to those who haven't learned to use their strengths to their advantage. I'm aware I can't help everyone, nor am I trying to anymore. I will support those who seek my guidance and an authentic view from a man that has fallen down, worked backwards, and still found a way to remain optimistic while using logic. You're born with everything you need to live. Your environment and mentality is what will enhance that life. You can't go back, but you can start where you're at now. If you're looking for real support, tap in with me.

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