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Who Is RUDE?

Matthew Clayton is a dynamic leader and United States veteran with extensive experience in various roles, including entrepreneur, fitness model, personal security specialist, radio host, mentor, artist manager, and author.


Traveling the world and seeing both the most beautiful and sketchy places on Earth with the United States Navy has provided Matthew with a different outlook on life. During those times, meeting lifelong friends and making connections internationally that have turned into partnerships have played an integral role in his success.


Leveraging his diverse experiences, Matthew launched Rude World in 2022, a mental wellness blog and mentoring program focused on realizing, understanding, deciding, and executing (RUDE) goals focused on elevating the lives of others by enhancing mental with strategic coaching and personal development.


In addition, Matthew also served as a freelance Certified Executive Protection Specialist, where he anticipates, assesses, and manages situations that may risk harm to senior executives and VIP clients.


Eager to promote positive change in himself and others, Matthew is passionate about driving personal and professional development in the mental health space.

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